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Terms of Service

Specific rules and regulations governing use of Site5 services.

Acceptable Use Policy

Policy describing acceptable and unacceptable uses of Site5's services.

Service Agreement

A legal contract between Site5 and all customers.

Resource Usage Policy

Specific rules and regulations governing resource usage.

DMCA Policy

Information on reporting alleged copyright infringement to Site5.

Unmetered Policy

How we define, apply, and think about "Unmetered".

Domain Registration Agreement

Agreement for domain names registered through Site5.

Privacy Notice

Guidelines and explanations about how we use the information we collect.

Trademark Disputes for Domain Names

Data Request Policy

Registrant Educational Information

Domain Name Renewal Notification Policy

Transfer Policy

Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP)

Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS)

Money Back Guarantees
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